I’m Rogier Mars, Systems specialist/architect and co-founder of Fortytwo and Redbee. I have an MSc in Business Information systems from the University of Amsterdam. My technical skills include numerous platforms, like Unix, cisco network equipment, loadbalancing and firewalls. My experience is mainly in the datacenter and ISP area, but also includes projects in larger corporations in different segments. Most of the clients we serve are businesses that depend heavily on their technical infrastructure for their business, and availability is of the highest importance.

From a business point of view I have no preference in OS or hardware platform. Everyone should use the OS or hardware platform they feel comfortable on, or that is best for the job at hand. Personally I prefer a MacBook Pro for my day-to-day work 🙂

On this blog I try to post stuff (mostly technical) that I think could be interesting for other people 🙂

You can contact me via email rogier at redbee dot nl.

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