I use Racktables to keep track of the devices in our network. To backup the configuration of our network devices I use rancid. To prevent having to edit and update multiple configuration files and systems, I thought it would be a good idea to centralize this and use Racktables as a source for configuring other systems. Racktables is a very extensible system that allows you to add attributes to a category yourself. I’ve added a ‘Rancid’ attribute as a dictionary item containing ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. I’ve bound this attribute to the object categories (Networkswitch, firewall and router) I want to backup with Rancid. I’ve scheduled a cronjob that runs the attached script, creating the routers.db file that is used by rancid.

The script runs an sql query to include all devices that have the Rancid attribute set to ‘Yes’.

To use this script in your environment, you have to edit the sql query to use the id of your rancid attribute in the dictionary. In my case the rancid attribute has the id ‘10003’ and the ‘Yes’ dictionary id is ‘50030’. These values can be found by looking in the racktables database.

Download the racktables-rancid export script.
Download the wrapper script

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